ketchuplover (1334)    14 Mar 2019 19:57:32

has been redesigned

 vasyl_puzanov (658)    15 Mar 2019 10:35:36

Right after their website started to function unstable, they lost a lot of people and were kicked out of good searching positions in Google. This is a good lesson for us. Serious and client-oriented chess servers never die for two or more days a row.

 ketchuplover (1334)    17 Mar 2019 16:40:11

That site is #41 at chessconquest is #212. Please elaborate about losing people and good search positions. tyia

vasyl_puzanov likes this.

 vasyl_puzanov (658)    26 Mar 2019 07:07:28

Well, first of all it is out of good Google index at least in the Eastern Europe where I live. And secondly, there have been much more tournaments and open challanges that shows us some people are now gone.

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