Resignation regretfully


 ageling (1594)    24 Nov 2019 10:24:18

I've decided to resign all my games and quit this site for a while. I am disheartened by certain players using outside help to win a game. It is obvious when they start punching above their weight.

 ketchuplover (1319)    24 Nov 2019 15:20:56

Please give an example. tyvm

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 Irrawang (1300)    29 Nov 2019 20:00:51

I'd find it difficult to know if an opponent is using help. A player rated roughly the same as me would be a good indication they are not cheating. But I would expect to do poorly against opponents rated 300+ whether they cheat or not. The trouble is Chessconquest has too few players to make the ratings reliable anyway.

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