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  Rating:Ratings are calculated according to the Glicko-2 rating system invented by Dr. Mark Glickman. Ratings consist of three components, P X (Y). The P indicates that the rating is provisional. A player needs to complete 10 games to obtain their ChessConquest rating and to be added to the rankings. The X value indicates the strength of a player. The Y value is the deviation of the rating, and is used to determine the true "range" of a player's strength by adding and subtracting the deviation. For example, a rating of 1400 (50) indicates that the player's true rating is between 1350 and 1450, with a 95% confidence.
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Registered Players   18


Rank  Player  Rating  Playing  Completed  Won  Lost  Drawn  
1    Jomary  1728 (159)  0  32  26  6  0  
2    cmrod  1585 (215)  0  42  22  20  0  
3    JawidOmary  1539 (227)  0  89  65  23  1